This is an update from my first review which focussed on takeaway fish and chips. Here I talk about a recent visit to the restaurant.

My friend, Stephen, was up from Sydney – a day away from all that inner city noise and chaos! Stephen’s car was at the mechanics so he caught the train up – no track work – success!

After a cup of coffee, we went for a mid morning swim at Ocean Beach! Brrrr – the water’s a bit brisk now but once we were in, it was lovely just to float around and gaze out at the bush-clad hills and sea.

Back for a quick shower and then it was time for lunch! Stephen wanted fish and chips – by the sea.

We decided upon Woy Woy Fishermen’s Wharf – not quite the sea but near the water nevertheless. I’d never been to the restaurant at the back before but I knew the food would be good based on their takeaway offerings.

Up we rocked. As soon as we walked in – I was completely enchanted. The whole place felt like a film set –  light-filled and down on the bayou. I’m not sure if it was the quality of the light, sitting over water, the guitarist plucking quietly away, or if it was the crab-basket-style décor, but something about the place was so instantly charming that I knew I had found my new favourite spot for a fish lunch.

woy woy fishermen's wharf
We ordered a bottle of Tappo Sauvignon Blanc which is from Marlborough in New Zealand. It was fresh and fruity – a perfect accompaniment to fish and chips on a warm day.

woy woy fishermen's wharf
Our entree of barramundi spring rolls with dipping sauce was so nice, we split the last one! Yum.

barramundi spring rolls
We both had a hankering for sand whiting and chips for our main, so that’s what we ordered.

Our meals were HUGE. We instantly realized that one plate would have been enough for both of us. We also ordered a side salad which was ok.

woy woy fishermen's wharf
The fish and chips were – as I expected – just delicious and cooked to perfection. Fresh fish in a crunchy batter always hits the spot.

fish and chips
Stephen didn’t like the beer-bottle salt and pepper. It needs a few more holes, he insisted. We’ve become a world of saltaholics I thought as I shook and shook that salt beer bottle.

woy woy fishermen's wharf
So we spent the next hour or so enjoying the guitarist and the water views. I also watched some of the dishes coming out of the kitchen. A couple near us ordered a  crab dish that looked quite spectacular.

There was a large group there that day – Fishermen’s Wharf have a functions menu for small parties of 20 – 70 people. This is the place to go if you’re planning a summer function that’s casual, low-key, delicious. Your guests will be charmed to bits.

view from woy woy fishermen's wharf
We were both full as we left the restaurant – a bit of a walk along the jetty – looking back at the restaurant, and a stroll alongside beautiful Brisbane Waters back to the car. I’m not sure who was waddling more, us or the ducks!

Highly recommended!

woy woy fishermen's wharf

7 February 2014

One of my favourite places on the Peninsula to get fish and chips is at the Woy Woy Fishermen’s Wharf. My only lament is that sometimes it is closed! When I get off the train, I do the trudge across the bridge to my car, and hope that the Fisherman’s Wharf is still open. I guess their opening hours are flexible – maybe depending upon customer levels or whether there’s any fresh fish left.

Yesterday it was open – this on a day when the trains were late – so the fish-and-chip-gods were smiling down upon me – hallelujah!

There was a new lady at the counter – she was having problems with the till but she was so pleasant and conversational it didn’t bother me a bit. I ordered whiting and chips and flathead and chips.

Woy Woy Fisherman's Wharf

Whiting and Chips – Woy Woy Fisherman’s Wharf

The thing about a good fish and chip shop is that the fish must be fresh.

I went into another fish and chip shop recently and looking at the huge menu, asked ‘What’s fresh?’ The answer: ‘Sorry we only have frozen fish. We can’t afford to keep a supply of fresh fish.’ Imagine my horror! All I could think was, your shop is on a peninsula surrounded by water and fish. How about less choice? How about just a few fresh options? How about ditch the deep-fried battered Mars Bar? Ugh, I don’t understand it.

Anyway, I’m off my soapbox now.

The Fishermen’s Wharf, thankfully, serves fresh fish. Yay.

Not only that, the chips are always good too. Generous servings of fish and chips with a couple of lemon wedges – what could be better? The whiting and flathead were both deliciously fresh, the batter nice and crispy, and all washed down with a glass of sauvignon blanc on a late-summer evening, a great way to end the work day after the usual Cityrail delays.

There is also a restaurant at Fishermen’s Wharf that sits right over the water. It looks lovely and sometime soon I want to have dinner there. I can’t think of anything nicer than eating a fish dinner whilst gazing over beautiful Brisbane Waters and watching the pelicans.

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  1. The Food Sage

    Heavens – the batter on that fish looks fantastic. Now all i can think about is fish and chips and it’s 9.30pm and bed time. Wish i lived in your neck of the woods!

    • Jo

      Sorry about that Food Sage – I hope you had a restful sleep!
      I do feel really lucky to be living in this neck of the woods.


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