I love Thai food! I did feel I had been missing Thai since moving up to the NSW Central Coast from Sydney – where there are an abundance of Thai restaurants.

So I was really looking forward to visiting Sit O’Clock Thai Restaurant in Woy Woy.

Sit O’Clock is an unassuming restaurant on the corner of Rawson Street and Woy Woy Road. It wasn’t too crowded when we arrived but I could smell those familiar Thai aromas hitting my senses when we walked in – my mouth literally started watering!

sit oclock thai woy woy
We were seated near the window at a table with laminated water lily leaves. My chair was a bit uncomfortable but I’m old and crotchety so don’t let that put you off!

We ordered satay and fishcakes for entree and bbq chicken and duck salad for main.

sit oclock thai fish cakes
The fish cakes were ok – not great – they were a bit solid and rubbery for my liking.

sit oclock thai satay
The satay was very nice. The chicken was tender and the peanut sauce was generous and had a good flavour punch.

Whilst waiting for our mains I noticed a steady stream of locals coming in to pick up their takeaway. I realised that this is a local favourite, and one that I will also be using from now on.

The day turned to night.

After a while I looked enviously at those brown takeaway bags. It had been an hour and we were still sans-mains!

The table next to us had been given their mains but no rice, they were ever so patiently sitting and waiting. Finally they asked for their rice, and that is when the waitress realised we had not had our mains yet.

Our meals were brought out very quickly after that. I can tell you, that duck salad was worth the wait. It was devine!

The bbq chicken was nice and smokey which, combined with the marinade, was so tasty and rounded out our lovely Thai feast.

sit oclock thai chicken
sit oclock thai woy woy
sit oclock thai

The thing I like about Thai food mostly is that combination of flavours, sweet, sour, hot, salty but also combined with the freshness of all the ingredients, vegetables and herbs. Sit O’Clock Thai restaurant didn’t disappoint – the food was delicious.

I think though, for myself, I’ll use it for takeaway and phone through my order well in advance. Pity though I can’t find a website, or facebook page with a menu.

sit oclock thai duck salad

Duck Salad – so good!

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  1. Helene

    If you like Thai try Boons at Green Point, would love to hear your opinion.

    Recommend trying their Chef’s delicacy – Koh Soi Gai (tender egg noddles in sweet creamy thick curry with chicken pieces broccoli & bean sprouts. Topped with crispy egg noodles) – this is one of our favourites.

    • Jo

      Hi Helene
      That does sound good!
      Boons is definitely on the agenda to try soon – and I’ll be sure to try the Koh Soi Gai – yum.


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