Friends up from Sydney this weekend visiting us folks up here on the Central Coast of NSW – YAY – we decided to start our weekend with lunch!

My friends, Brett and Richard, had been stuck in the rainy-day traffic up from Sydney and so were pretty keen to get some food in them – sitting somewhere lovely and relaxing – so I suggested the Point Cafe in Killcare.

Now before I proceed, I have done some little pontificating on this subject and come to the conclusion that SOMETIMES the degree of beauty in the setting is inversely proportional to the degree of overall quality of the food outlet. Alas, sadly, this seems to be a point in case with the Point Cafe in Killcare.

The Scenic Drive to Killcare

I phoned and asked for a table and she said she would keep one for us so we were off to a good start. Of course, an absolutely beautiful drive through the bush down to the water’s edge at Killcare.

All good so far and we were still smiling and anticipating some delicious food and a glass of wine to be had shortly.

We waited at the door, as instructed by the sign, and were shown to our table.

Water was immediately brought to our table and we ordered a bottle of Greywacke Sauvignon Blanc. The wine was very nice!

Great Menu!

We examined the menu and each made a choice. Richard ordered the bear-battered flathead, Brett ordered the seafood tasting plate, and I ordered the mushroom and goats cheese souffle. Done with the ordering we sat and relaxed, gazing out at the beautiful ocean view and sipping our wine.

And we waited. Brett was eagerly anticipating his seafood tasting plate in particular because we had seen the dish come out from the kitchen and it looked quite spectacular with portions of fish on a skewer hanging vertically on a hook. How fantastic, how theatrical!

And still we waited. We saw a group arrive about half an hour or so after us. We noticed them because they were shown to the reserved table I had been eying off enviously. I also noticed they brought their own wine. Good move I thought.

Egads! The Empty Glass

Oh no. No more wine! We had consumed all our beverage and our meals had still not arrived. I prefer to drink wine with my lunch but we were driving so we didn’t really want another bottle.

Well another half an hour went by and we realised we had actually been sitting there for over an hour and a half with no service at all – what a drag. Then, OMG, Richard noticed that the table who had come after us were being served their lunch. I saw them happily looking down at their plates with their full glasses at the ready.


That was it – Richard was immediately galvanised into action – unlike the cooks at the Point Cafe! It was just as we were preparing to leave that the waiter brought us some complementary wines. I was tempted to say, oh well all is forgiven, and retake my seat, but it was all too much for my Sydney friend.

I had been sooo anticipating my souffle, it was, in my mind’s eye, so fluffy and so light… so light indeed that it was transparent and non-existent!

Let’s Move On

The waiter was obviously a bit perturbed especially as our meals were, by then, almost ready. She did the right thing though and waived our bottle of wine. We left and took our rumbling tummies down the road to Hardy’s Bay.

I do hope the Point Cafe hires some staff as I feel this problem, which seems to be a common one looking on Trip Advisor, can be so easily remedied. I mean the location is to die for, and I’m sure the food is probably great, it’s just the getting to taste it is the arduously difficult part.

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  1. Donna

    Hi Jo,

    Have just seen your website. I’d like to recommend a very good Scottish restuarant in Umina. The service is so quick, they will even hand the food out the window so you can drive off with it. I had the muffin and jam and this was cooked perfectly. The last time I had muffin with jam this good was in Dunedin, NZ a few years ago. Its on the cnr of West St & Woy Woy Rd and the decor is very mod. Look forward to hearing what you think of it, think its open 24hrs,


    • Jo

      Hi Donna!
      I think I know that restaurant – my darling offspring (with those annoying minds of their own) are big fans!

      I, however, would not deign to grace such an establishment, not unless I’ve been worn down by badgering and a conspicuously empty fridge, then ew gross I live with regret.

      I’m glad you enjoyed your muffin! Go you!

  2. Cass

    Hi Jo
    Just found your website after reading a restaurant review. Enjoying having a read through your archives as I’m always on the lookout for new places to try out.
    I must say I have to agree with this review, i have also been to The Point at Kilcare and found the service decidedly lacking! We were just about to leave when our meals finally showed up..
    On a brighter note, they have two other venues one at Avoca and one at Wamberal (both located at the surf clubs) and the service is much better at these locations (although the Avoca one tends to be a bit busier and you sometimes have to wait for a table)
    Food for thought, perhaps!?
    Take care

    • Jo

      Hi Cass
      Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes I do think I should try their other venues, despite my initial reluctance, and especially if the service is better. I’ve heard the food is good and what’s not to like about the views. On the list Cass!


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